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Our History & Culture

The beginning The story of the SPA & Salon in the world, as recognized by the professional SPA & Salon, began in fashionable Mayfair in the year of 13th July 2010. This was the year of fine craftsmanship, innovation and styling which set the scene for a history that is colorful, inventive and pioneering.

Catering to the exacting standers of a professional SPA & Salon, when relaxation, vanity and good grooming were the essential mark of women & gentleman, Caelum offered its demanding clientele a new level of service unsurpassed anywhere in the world. From its array of exceptional products through to its legendary SPA & Salon services, there developed a heritage and sense of innovation that today marks Caelum Spa & Salon leader Unisex wellness and grooming.

It is our vision to set high service standards and excel at a whole new level in the wellness and grooming industry. We seek to attract people who take pride in being and doing their best and part of an organization with a reputation for excellence